How To: Eyeshadow Basics

Need help with your eyeshadow? The picture below says it all!


1. Highlight

The lighter colors go where the white portions are (see picture above!). This is done to brighten up your eyes and get that perky look we all need especially in the morning.

2. Base Color

The second portion is your base color. Let’s assume we’re going for a neutral brown eyeshadow look. That would make our base color a light tan brown, for example.

3. Shadow

The final bit, the darkest colored portion (as seen in the picture) would be the darkest shade of your base color. In our example, this would make our shadow a dark brown. This adds depth to our eyes, giving them a more structured (and bigger) look!


Finally, and most importantly, blendEither with your fingers or a eyeshadow brush, blend the edges of your shadow (3) into your base color (2) in a circular motion. Your eyeliner and mascara goes on after this is done!

Have fun, and remember practice makes perfect!

(Picture taken from Pinterest)

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